W E D D I N G   F I L M


Using the best technical tools such as high definition, professional cameras in 4K, and professional microphones to capture the audio in its best form.

You will choose the soundtrack, pointing out the songs that accompanied your story, step by step; you will have a vast collection of songs to choose from to frame a unique emotion that will accompany you forever!


Braies Lake, Italy

Radion and Natalia

Verona, Italiy

Fabio and Susana

Treviso, Italy

Giorgio and Michella

Sanremo, Italy

Wasea and Marina

Parma, Italy

Gregory and Victoria

Bologna, Modena Italy

Victor and Julia

Vicenza, Marostica Italy

Sergio and Daniela

Florence, Tuscany Italy

Alen and Anastasia

Garda Lake , Verona Italiy

Marco and Anna



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