Hi, I'm Yuri

I am unobtrusive, creative and precise.
I love watching people.
I love to meet new people and see faraway places.
I love long car trips.
I love the soft and warm light of sunsets.

My story

I'm lucky, I've had everything in life, but the greatest luck was meeting her, the most beautiful girl of all! Together we travel, laugh and love each other every day; living together in the present and building future projects.

Every creative work reflects the person who creates it ...

That’s why I told you something about me. I’ve always loved people, emotional connections, the psychology behind them, I think a photo is worth a thousand words because it returns in one click this connections. This is why I never appreciated invasive photography, there are several ways to make a nice picture and mine is the most kind and unobtrusive possible. I want that people are free to be themselves, free to laugh and express each other. I will be there to document everything through my camera but always with my touch.