Wedding photographer in ITALY

I have been a professional photographer specializing in wedding, ceremony and event photography for about 11 years.

I have always believed that to do this job, in addition to having professionalism, it is necessary to listen, understand and have a strong empathy with the subjects of my shots.

I love the story of emotions, moments, situations to immortalize that tell and give back to my clients so that over time they can relive the emotions of the best day of their life or a special event.


The most beautiful wedding locations on Lake Garda and throughout Italy

The wedding day is a day made up of unforgettable moments, small details, smiles, emotions and moods, certainly not static and plastered poses.

As a photographer, my job is to tell the day as it was lived, trying to bring back the anxieties, joy, love and emotions of all the people who have experienced such a special wedding day with them. Being a wedding photographer is a wonderful thing because the result is always linked to people, I don't take the photographs ... we do them together.


Photographer for the desire to discover, the desire to excite, the taste to tell ...


During this first meeting I have the opportunity to show my portfolio as a wedding photographer.



The story of a love story, photography is the most immediate art because every moment of beauty is immortalized in the instant it happens to be remembered. My albums can be witty, effervescent, but also as delicate and calm as the people I photograph.

Maybe in 20 years, when your memory will be a little yellowed, it will be the photo album that will help you relive the emotions of that wonderful day.



No one event is the same as another, people, emotions, atmospheres change… only one thing is always present: love. Our role is to capture the essence of your day; to tell the emotion, love, details, sensations that made your event unique and unrepeatable.


Using the best technical tools such as high definition, professional cameras in 4K, and professional microphones to capture the audio in its best form.



We are part of the worldwide association of wedding photographers and videographers.