Cosa dicono i nostri clienti sulla collaborazione



Alex and Iana

Padua / Mestre Italy

I am as excited as a child…. you managed to make us relive that day as if it were today ... you were able to grasp every moment and every moment! you see our happiness and all our feelings! you have been there as a friend, as a person who has always known us !! I knew that in order for our wedding to be special I had to have you… and it did! that day was the culmination of our love and you can see it in every photo! THANK YOU I think it's a little ... but I hope you can hear everything that's inside this word !!! all for you! indeed for you! because you are a unique team. "

Radion and Natalia

Braies Lake / Italy

"It was an unforgettable day and thanks to our TOP photographer Yuri Gregori we remember every moment of that day looking at these beautiful photos! So if you need a good photographer then you have found him. Thanks again guys ... you are the best .

See you soon!!!!"


Sergio and Daniela

Verona / Italy

"The photos are beautiful, I am speechless!

Meravigliose is a diminutive :) thank you very much Yuri, I really appreciate your way of working, you put your heart and soul into your photos.

It was a pleasure to be photographed on that memorable day, thank you for your patience with us and for the beautiful photos.

We are very happy with the choice made and I hope that in the future we will meet again with other opportunities. "

Wasea and Marina 

Montecarlo / France

"We found in him a great professionalism, passion and originality. Always present in every moment of the wedding without us noticing him or the cameraman. He is able to capture every moment making it unique! Heartfelt thanks from Wasea and Marina."


Eugenio and Veronica

Venice / Italy

"Thank you Yuri for your professionalism and your commitment in what you do over the entire duration of our collaboration. Thanks to your photos we have the best memories, with which I am proud with all my friends and know that all of them underline yours. ability as an excellent photographer.
If you are looking for a photographer, Yuri Gregori is the person, friend, photographer who will know how to make you feel in your environment and will be able to bring out the best of you in the most important day of your life. "

Marko and Anna Lake Como / Milan Italy

"Yuri Gregori is number 1. There is little to say! He was always very helpful immediately (appointments at more and more convenient times for us. We went to him after dinner!) The wedding day was very professional and never intrusive . He never asked us for a pose (except for the usual photos) he turned continuously with his camera and took pictures. The result was excellent, the photos are all natural! Highly recommended! "




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